About Us

Gogo Falesi Mapemba Memorial Community Outreach, also known as GFM Outreach, is a Christian based organization with the sole purpose of assisting orphans, widows and the elderly who lack sustainable support system. The organization was established following the life of Falesi Mapemba who spent her life helping orphans, widows and the elderly with basic needs such as food, clothes, education etc. Falesi also worked with community churches in advancing the good news of Jesus Christ.

I am one of the beneficiaries in GFM revolving fund program. I was trained by GFM in business management and then I was giving $80 as a free interest loan that was paid in 12 months period. I have been selling groundnuts flour in my community. This business has helped me to take care of my family needs.

Christina Chinsinga
GFM Revolving Fund beneficiary

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Our Vision
To see communities where orphans, widows and the elderly are not left helpless, hungry and in tattered clothes but are empowered to support themselves without external handouts.
Our Mission
Meeting physical and spiritual needs of orphans, widows and the elderly who lack sustainable support systems and train them to be self-sufficient through excellence in vocational training
Our Values